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Who we are

A couple of muslim brothers sitting around got together after being unable to easliy find a local mosque in the west midlands, we decided that there should be a quick and easy resource that gave mosque locations as well as directions and thus Mosque Locator was born.

What we do

The Mosque Locator website provides a quick and easy way to find your local mosque with the added benefit of giving you directions via Google Maps. Its quick and easy with locations brought you via a mapping system based on the excellent Google maps API.

Why we do it

We are inspired by our faith and aim to provide all people the means to find there local mosque so they may seek spiritual guidance form Allah (SWT).

What you can do

We do not take donations at this time, but may consider it in the future.

The best thing you can do now is to share this website and its pages on Facebook, Twitter or your own website. Use the social bookmarks on each page to do that.

We also encourage Mosques and Islamic centers to Submit a Location.